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Colour & Hair Repair

Shampoo ~ Cut ~ Style

Hi-Lite / Low-Lite

Shampoo ~ Style

Time to Unwind ~ Spa Day for Your Hair
*  Detailed Consultation
*  Personalized Hair Care
* Relaxing Shampoo & Conditioner
*  Blow Dry Finish Style

A Red Chair Poem ..

Cindi is a super expert
For a cut and colour request
She makes her clients perfect
So they will look their best!

The Red Chair is available
For clients to sit down
Cindi gets everything ready
Resulting in them wearing a crown!

There is time to sit and wait
While the colour enters the hair
Then there’s a shampoo and cut
All done with the best of care!

And thanks to Cindi’s cats
Who like to enter the salon
They make customer’s happy
As they purr and move along!

from a happy client .. 🙂 Roberta

Love Your Look!