The Stylist

my LOVE ~ my PASSION ~ my LIFE
.. an artist mind, heart & soul ..

Every hair style . . . a unique work of art
.. created & designed with precision & detail
.. personalized for each guest.

Creating hair art has been my love for over 33 years.

Starting with an apprenticeship following high school ..
.. it was the beginning of a life time of d
edication to
finding excitement & joy
in the world of HAIR ..
Discovering a world of beautiful people .. in the world of BEAUTY

At The Red Chair Hair Studio,
you will experience a fun and friendly atmosphere,
where the sky is the limit for hair creation.

Every day is a great hair day 🙂

One thought on “The Stylist”

  1. Cindi is a super expert
    For a cut and colour request
    She makes her clients perfect
    So they will look their best!

    The Red Chair is available
    For clients to sit down
    Cindi gets everything ready
    Resulting in them wearing a crown!

    There is time to sit and wait
    While the colour enters the hair
    Then there’s a shampoo and cut
    All done with the best care!

    And thanks to Cindi’s cats
    Who like to enter the salon
    They make customer’s happy
    As they purr and move along!

    My poem to you! 🙂 Roberta

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