The Name

How “The Red Chair” was born …

The hair studio came to life early 2000, in Langley B.C.

In the beginning, it was “Cin Studio Hair Design”.
The studio took over the centre of my home.
I loved it …

The studio moved to Sunshine Coast .. we met friendly faces and gave them all great hair.

Next move brought the studio to Kootenays .. Slocan Valley
.. where we met the inspiration for — THE RED CHAIR!

Out back in an old barn, a red chair waited to be discovered.
Before the day was over, it was sitting beside the
“Cin Studio Hair Design” sign.
Boldly standing out from nature, it was a perfect land mark.
By the next day, it became a perfect name.

The Red Chair Hair Studio was born !!

The studio still takes over the centre of my house, and it’s still the centre of my world.

Every day is a great hair day 🙂

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